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The Fervor, "Bleeder"


The Fervor offers a rare example of truth in advertising. With intensity and passion, The Fervor adopt the best of rock and roll troubadour tropes and synthesize them into a pastiche that feels unique and familiar, all while seamlessly fitting into the narrative of their native Louisville's rich musical culture.
The Fervor began as the husband-wife duo Natalie and Ben Felker in 2005, with a self-released debut EP to announce their existence before mercurial percussionist Mat Herron the following year. The now trio found a camaraderie in their disparate approaches to the craft. In 2007, The Fervor quietly released Bleeder, a lush and punchy10-song collection peppered with vivid lyricism and a sardonic sense of humor describing, as well as producer Kevin Ratterman's larger than life analog touch.
The Fervor's biggest splash yet came in 2011 with Arise, Great Warrior, a spirited and well-crafted affair. As well, the full-length LP came off the heels of a successful run of shows and festival dates, including SXSW and Forecastle Festival, amongst others.
With husky vocals delivered in a distinct and seductive tone, Natalie Felker paints mystical, dreamlike imagery. No Depression called her "the Karen Carpenter of indie rock.” Alongside Natalie’s radiant vocals and shimmering keys, the band cultivates hypnotic atmospheres that stomp and crash toward listener-rewarding apexes.

Before reconvening to determine the band's next move, the group got together and realized that their moody and gritty aforementioned debut never received a proper release outside of Louisville.To move on, sometimes one must grapple with the past. Not as much of a reissue as a rediscovery, Bleeder is now available internationally for the first time since its original release seven years ago courtesy of Karate Body Records (Shipping News, Ume, Phantom Family Halo).

Album Credits:
Ben Felker: guitar, backing vox, Wurlitzer.
Natalie Felker: vox, keys, Rhodes, Wurlitzer, guitar noise.
Mat Herron: drums, vox.
Meredith Noel: bass, backing vox, viola.
Lead guitar on “Out Alone” by Ekklesiastes.
Refrain on “Out Alone” taken from Roald Dahl’s novel, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.
Recorded and mixed fall 2006 by Kevin Ratterman at The Funeral Home in Louisville, Ky.
Mastered by Kevin Nettleingham.
*Bonus tracks mastered by Shelley Anderson at Black Lab Mastering.
“No Apology”: Backing vocals by Chris Higdon; trombone by Dan Moore; trumpet by Susan Crocker, bass by Michael Campbell.
“Same State”: Additional vocals by David Cronin, violin by Cheyenne Mize, bass by Michael Campbell.
"Yellowwood": bass by Michael Campbell.
Design: Natalie Felker and Natalie Biesel.
Photos: Kriech-Higdon.
Band Photo: Amber Estes-Thieneman
All songs © 2014 Life On Sound (ASCAP)

“What starts out as a lovely mix slowly starts to unravel into a dark, brooding ode to becoming numb in a relationship. Natalie Felker’s voice croons over the lush layers of piano and strings, but the harsh, clapping drums and distorted guitars add a bit of aggression to the mix. The results heighten the intensity and emotional strain of lyrics like Don’t worry ’cause you won’t feel a thing.” —Consequence of Sound