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The Fervor, "Arise, Great Warrior"


With its combination of mysterious yet timeless lyrics and brooding arrangements, Arise, Great Warrior, the sophomore album from The Fervor, is a poignant and gripping ride from start to finish.

Delivered in her husky voice with its distinct and seductive tone, singer Natalie Felker paints a mystical, dreamlike picture. Alongside Natalie’s radiant vocals and shimmering keys, guitarist Ben Felker, bassist Michael Campbell and drummer Mat Herron create hypnotic atmospheres that stomp and crash toward epic climaxes at the apex of each song.

Arise, Great Warrior was produced by Charles Gonzalez, who recorded with the band in San Francisco where they experienced a rebirth of sorts. Rather than aiming for note-for-note perfection, the group strived to capture an enrapturing performance of each song instead. The Fervor then headed back to Louisville to mix the album with engineer Kevin Ratterman.

By keeping the focus on the power of what the four band members can do together in a room, the result is an album fueled by an energy that feels potent and organic around every corner. All the exciting twists and turns of the album build up to an ultimate catharsis as the haunting final notes of “Let’s Get Loaded” gently ring out.

Band Photo: Kriech-Higdon Photography
"Warrior" Cover Art Painting: Carolyn Kimball Gee
Album Design: Natalie Felker

Mindful listeners who are daring enough to scratch the surface will be rewarded by the murkier lyrical undertones that accompany the band’s true indie craftsmanship. —Blow The Scene

A mesmerizing and emotive sound that creeps and builds like a gathering storm.” — Cincinnati CityBeat

It all feels so natural and peaceful … a necessary part of life, newborn and floating freely in the cosmos forever
now. — Jim James, My Morning Jacket

It recalls, though in no way musically, the heft of an album like Roxy Music’s Avalon where mood and presence thickly drip from the album tracks. — Deckfight

Natalie Felker is an indie rock Karen Carpenter. — No Depression