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Old Baby, "Love Hangover"


Old Baby is a rock band from Louisville, Ky. “Love Hangover” is the band's debut full-length record.

Players: Guitarist Evan Patterson (Young Widows, Jaye Jayle), Todd Cook (Shipping News, The For Carnation, King's Daughters & Sons, Jaye Jayle), Jonathan Glen Wood (Jaye Jayle), Neal Argabright (Sapat, The Phantom Family Halo) and Drew Osborn (Workers, Second Story Man).

Album Cover Art and Design: Ryan Patterson
Recorded in 2012 by Kevin Ratterman.
Mastered by Carl Saff.

I’ve never been to Louisville, but this album makes it seem like it’s miles below sea level and always dusk. What a kick-ass album. —Nine Bullets

“Love Hangover,” with its perfectly realized encapsulation of 1960s and ’70s rock, is a darkly menacing pleasure and one of the year’s most satisfying records. —Louisville Courier-Journal

The opening track, titled “Into The Earth” starts with a toe-tapping tom-tom beat joined with simplistic anthem riffing and would serve as perfect background music to walking away in slow motion from an exploding car. While not jumping from a detonating explosive, this record would also go well with traveling through outer space ("Young”) or/and plotting the sinister demise of your archenemy (“Love Hungry”). —Never Nervous

Louisville, Ky., rock outfit, Old Baby, follow in the steps of classic, guitar-heavy rock, the kind that you picture brewing for hours in some smoke-filled basement, a jam session that is so good it never ends. —Speak Into My Good Eye

The frustrations and banality of modern existence is fair game for Old Baby and these songs successfully marry this emotional content to some thumping rock. With Love Hangover, Old Baby deliver superb blues tinged rock that will keep the listener enthralled over the ship-shape, 37-minute running time. —No More Workhorse

Old Baby “Into The Earth” (Official Video) from Karate Body Records on Vimeo.