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Can I return my vinyl or CD to you?
Yes, however we do not accept returns on CDs or vinyl 30 days after purchase.

I run a record store and would like to carry some or all of your catalog. How do I do that?
Awesome! Please e-mail our distributor. Keep in mind we don't consign records directly to overseas shops.

Where else can I find your records?
If an item is sold out in our online shop, you can find copies at BurnsideShirtkiller and your nearest independent record store.

Will you put out my record?
A simple question with a complicated answer. We listen to music constantly, and are referred to bands by friends, acquaintances and the good ol' Internet. If we dig it and time and resources permit, we'll move mountains to see it live out in the world. We seek out bands we are passionate about through an organic process. It is the best way.

Can I submit my demo anyways?

Go for it. We prefer submissions sent via private Soundcloud stream (less brutal on our hard drives), or if the audio is hosted somewhere else, you can send us a link to download. We no longer accept physical submissions.

I write for a blog and would like a record to review?
E-mail info{a}karatebodyrecords.com.